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Trusted business partner for enzyme, ready to drink, vinegar OEM/ODM services

"Trustworthy business partner"

Nowadays you can easily get a contact and start or expand your business but not easy to get a trustworthy business partner.  Getting a manufacturer that genuine, passionate and helpful like Bio Tree  Biotechnology Sdn Bhd gave me peace of mind. We are dealing with healthcare professionals therefore we are demanding the best, safe and proven products for our clients.


The variety and quality of the products delivered are always in the best condition. Price offered is always below par compared to what they offered hence making my product very competitive in the market. Not only that the visionary team with lots of new ideas make the product unique and can distinguish itself  in the market.


Looking forward to develop more new products with them and currently we already had 2 skus produced by them. Thanks for the great products and services..” 


—  Mr W, Owner

     International trading company 

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