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Beauty Support

Do you know? Beauty supplements can assist to work to minimize problems caused by aging. Increasing skin radiance, promote skin whitening, smoothing of skin and reducing fine lines are some of the beauty supplement functions that help to boost appearance and confidence. 

Healthy food supplement shop in Malaysia. ElegantMe is a natural, plant-based formulation mix fruits botanical beverage targeted to reverse skin aging, promote skin brightening and whitening, enhance gloss and improve skin dryness. ElegantMe is convenient to bring with us whenever we go as it is in stick pack. ElegantMe is formulated with patented Cheery Blossom Extract, and other high antioxidant superfruits such as Pomegranate and Cranberry.  ElegantMe from Bio Tree Biotechnology Malaysia targeted to busy women on the go.


Medium: Liquid 

Packing: Stick Pack

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